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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Starting a Male Fashion Blog < FAIL >

Most of the clothes I own I've been given, the rest come from Sports Direct. That means my wardrobe only really gets updated twice a year: birthday and Christmas. 

This April I was given a £45 gift voucher for Amazon. Seeing as I can download music and films illegally and books are for losers, I decided to buy clothes. With all the new apparel that this would bring into my life I knew it was the right time to start a male fashion blog. I was reading a lot of blogs at the time and most of them were begging to be parodied. Here is some of my inspiration.

Top 3 male fashion blogs

This Boy Ben

London Mckenzie


My intention was to make a spoof fashion blog. I wanted it to be as cringe as possible. To make this work I had to make it seem like it was not a joke at all. So I had to be myself, keep it real, and as I wasn't a naturally inclined fashion blogger, it would prove to be tricky. I would have to adopt a new persona for a while.

Choosing a name for your blog

First of all I had to pick a catchy URL that would also be the blogger-brand I'd go by. Some options I considered were:

  • (Chris Cross Couture -  too high fashion) 

  • (too sponsor hungry)

  • (just too much)

  • (:-0)

In the end I decided upon ChrisGetsDressed.Wordpress.Com (had a nice ring to it)

I thought my strap line 'Chris Gets Dressing' was particularly clever using 'Gets' to mean 'Understands' in addition to something that I do.

The header image (above) was not actually going to be this one. I was going to do a digital illustration of myself.

Next I wrote an about me section, where I defined my style as nautical-inspired-city-practical.


The clothes arrived and I organised a photoshoot but I never got round to posting the result or doing anything at all on Chris Gets Dressed. I had so many great ideas but my heart just wasn't in it. 

However I can no longer deprive you, the public, of the magic that was created when I posed in my garden wearing brand new outfits. So here it is. I think I would have called the article: 

3 Spring/Summer looks for £45*

From spring showers to summer sunshine, use these four simple items to create a range of outfits that are great for BBQs in the garden or football in the park.

Chris wears:
- Hanes Mens Slim Fitted High V-Neck Cotton T Shirt £4.08
- Piazzaitalia Light Knitted Cardigan (Turned out to be completely different to the online picture) £6.99
- Pierre Cardin C Chino (Good trousers but the buttons keep falling off - also got a free mug because the order was fulfilled by Sports Direct) £10

- Unisex American Style Fleece Hoodie (Forrest green) £11.99

*All available from - prices do not include P+P


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man, glad you liked it - I hope you manage to keep on blogging!

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    1. Hi
      We at The Little Box Boutique would sincerely like to apologise for this posting.
      The media freelancer we employed took it upon himself to spam every blog he came across regardless of its content.
      I can see from your blog that you have taken great care and effort creating something very special, so once again please accept our apologies.
      By the way, LOVE the Grey/Blue jumper..... The one with the zip.

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  5. Hi Chris, I regularly find myself hunting for good blogs as I like to get as engaged as possible and I have to say that what I have just read was not only the most entertaining but really endearing. Your honesty is refreshing and I admire the fact that you're just being you. I will definitely be putting you on my regulars list- Richard

    1. Thanks Richard, really appreciate your kind comment. I will try and keep posting on here but I have just moved to France and am working on starting a new blog focused on cycling, learning french and drinking Bordeaux wine!

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