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Monday, 15 February 2010

Arthur et Jim

Monday 15th February

Walworth Road

 A grey haired gentleman in a navy blue full length coat, walks down the street dreamily. Anther grey haired gentleman walks the other way, he is of a similar age (roughly 70) and he wears similar attire. Their paths cross in front of a bank.

“Hello Jim”


- “Oh hello Arthur how are you?”

“Not bad thanks, how about you? You looked like you were in another world just now.”

- “Oh yeah I’m okay”

“What were you thinking about? Pussy?”

_“Oh, ho yes I suppose I was”

“I tell you mate at our age that’s all the women ever do – think about it”

-“Ah ha”

“So where have you been this morning?”

-“I was just up the Cut and at the market”

The chit-chat turns to post offices and continues as I take my cash from the ATM and head smiling to a newsagent to buy a chocolate bar.

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