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Saturday, 1 May 2010

They say if you go forward in time and see yourself that one of you must die - Jude Law

It was a typical April afternoon, the grey threat of rain being largely ignored in the sky. Little Venice was full of a convergence of boats from London’s outlying canals.
A white Lurcher with a red neckerchief slinks past a scraggly grey Irish Wolfhound. Real gypsies sell movie inspired cuddly toys and travel pillows that support your neck. Fake gypsies all dressed up sell ‘traditional’ canal giftware and paint faces.
An array of cultures, classes and ages bustle amongst one another on the urban towpath without a hint of animosity.
I am giving out information about the Pirate Club, a charity I help out that provides narrowboat trips and kayaking for community groups. I am mainly approaching families with children as today we are running free half hour canoeing sessions for kids over the age of 8.
I see a man with his two sons walking towards me. His sons are on either side of him and are holding his hands. I begin speaking:
“Do you know about…”
In mid sentence I look up and see what appears to be myself in 15 years time.
“… The Pirate Club?”
Jude Law replies
“Yes I do, thank you”
in a soft yet powerful and polite tone.
I say okay and we pass on our ways amicably.

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