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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A walk, but no park... - More on Parliament Square Protests

... where an outcrop of freedom once lay.

I left London for a week and when I returned I walked from waterloo past Parliament. The courts must have finally passed a decision on the protestors there as it seems they had been ousted.

All that remain are a few of the hardcore protestors, those who have been there years and those on hunger strike camping on the pavement (supposedly doesn't fall under the park bylaws.)

I am not surprised they lost the case for their form of permanent protest there. A source of mine attending the court case told me when one protestor was called she stood up and twirled around dressed as a fairy and announced "I am the Queen of the Common People." "Your laws do not affect us. We live by the law of the Universe."

Unfortunately for her et al the law of the UK is enforced and now Parliament Square Park is surrounded by fencing. I was sad when I saw this; it seems both parties really messed up this time. The free-for-all campsite has made it harder for spur of the moment action to be taken. The huge fence up does not give me an easy feeling, not a good image for freedom. Where once it seemed tolerance abounded now security guards hide behind a health and safety notice.

Could the internet be the platform for starting a true democracy? Is there power numbers? 
Or is this website a distraction? "Get them off our lawn and give them a website" Will they listen? Will enough people speak?

Security. (Doesn't make me feel secure.)


Go Green.

Even more, of an eyesore. 

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