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Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Death of Analog - Of radios and cassette tapes

In the world of radio the digital switchover approaches and at first it seems like sad news...

No more scrolling through the wavebands and hearing multiple stations blur into one to form supernatural messages at 3am whilst trying to pick up a French rap station on an AM frequency.

Although for those with a analog radio tuner it may mean the analog airwaves go un-policed and give what would once have been pirate stations free reign.

This post is simply a lament for the old days. Days of listening to the Top 40 and pressing record on the cassette deck when they announced a song you wanted on your mix tape.

I did occasionally buy a single back then. They usually played the same on both sides so I would Sellotape over the gap in the top corner to make the cassette suitable for recording over - then add my own tracks to the other side so that I had at least 4 different songs to listen to repeatedly on my Sony Walkman.

Here are the singles I recall owning:

The first single I ever owned - a bit preachy, but still a sweet track to bust out a bit of school-disco breakdance to.

Heard this song recently at the end of the film '30 Seconds or Less' and I thought YES!

What a banger!

'Rhythm & Rhyme Records' Launceston were even cool enough to sell me the explicit content & my parents weren't even in the shop.

I must have felt Gangster-ish.

R.I.P Rhythm & Rhyme Records Cornish Guy by ccooley1

Shut up. Stop laughing man. It was a flipping Christmas present alright.

Good year for gifts actually got a freaking Badass yo-yo as well. Y'know I rocked that baby.

Next Up

A cheeky bit of Smooth Sunshine Garage that will always put a smile on my face:

... And finally,

After Cornershop's groundbreaking 'Brimful of Asha' I was convinced they couldn't falter and bought their single 'Sleep on the Left Side' without having even heard it! I wasn't impressed - but after about 3 repeats it had grown on me.

To this day I totally dig the sleepy jingles, seagull samples and lyrics that - as with Brimful - I could never understand but took to be some kind of innuendo.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

RECURRING NIGHTMARE due to Magazine Publishing, Futures Assignment

(I think this is proof that third year at university may improve your intellect but worsen your psychological state.)

; of what emotion purports to be. A tale of interspecies love.

The year is 2083 and the human race has been split – not by war, racial divides or environmental catastrophe – but split of its own accord into two distinct sets.

Methods of communication between the two sets have become so inextricably different that only one conclusion can be drawn: there are now two separate human races. === Only one can remain top of the food chain.
Some say the changes began as early as the beginning of the 20th century with the advancement of electrical engineering... This is not the case. Noticeable changes have not been documented until 2012 my darling - up until this point the future may have been avoidable:
It was the activities of the anti-electronics group THE DOGZ that initiated the split. Before them no formal opposition to electronic technology and communications existed. And only by severing all participation with electronic communication could there have been The Second Set: Those who can conceive ways of doing things without running outcomes through The Database. Those who laugh at the idea of video tuition. Those who accept failure.
The boom in 3D printing in 2020 blurred the line between the digital and physical worlds to inexorable levels...
Self-replicating mechanical forms /
Worlds within desks
within worlds within desks /
The glow of isolation /
Digital interaction /
Printable food /
Printable people /
The word ‘Loneliness’ deleted from all dictionaries /
Printable partners /
The First Set unable to distinguish between those of themselves created biologically and those of themsevles they printed...
The Motherboard/

The year is 2083 and a rogue reporter from The Second Set investigates life inside The Motherboard where he falls in love with what resembles a woman.
What follows are his notes on abandoning manual labour like a pervert in a wardrobe:
An attempt to bridge the gap between the Blissfully Unaware who work with their hands and the Wireless Robots who access the digitized knowledge; of what emotion purports to be.
Who am I?

I trumpet jazz to accompany the puppet show. You knew me thirteen years ago.