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Monday, 12 November 2012

The MET gives up - or why Scotland Yard's sign was moved

The encroaching privatisation of the Police force in the UK has been widely discussed in the mainstream press. This may be due to a Conservative Party push to privatise everything or plain laziness (AKA doughnut syndrome). The first scenario may initially seem more plausible but new evidence suggests the Constabulary increasingly 'just can't be bothered'.

One trivial detail has so far gone unreported (according to a Google search): New Scotland Yard - HQ of the Metropolitan Police - has moved its sign. The significance of this becomes apparent when another incidence missed by the mainstream media is revealed. Some time in 2010, sparked by this video, an underground extreme sport emerged.

The adrenaline fueled contest known as New Scotland Yard RODEO became an instant hit with anarchists and fringe organisations who competed to see who could ride the iconic sign for the longest duration without getting arrested. The unofficial record currently stands at 49 seconds.

Due to the unprecedented popularity of this ‘sport’ in mid 2012 the sign was moved away from the 'mounting fence' and stationed in a hard to reach spot.

New anti-climb location.

Previous location - note the 'mounting fence'.

One can't help but reminisce about the good-old-days when the Police were all for an honest to God chase. This is yet another in a slew of cases that suggest the boys in blue have thrown in their custodian helmets. And if G4S & co. are all there is to look forward to then things do not bode well for justice as we know it.

Out of reach, the glory days are over.