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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Neil Strauss vs Arts London News

After reading this I just had to reply.

Here's what I wrote:

... to which I received a gracious reply:



Dear Mr Wastell,

Thanks for your speedy and gracious response.

I do understand that ALN is a 'training ground' for the student staff. I also agree to the possibility that techniques described in The Game may be taken out of context and used as 'self-help'.

However, I feel that this only reinforces my implication that the book should be read thoroughly, as too many misinterpretations will eventually permute the collective psyche and demonise a well rounded book.

Strauss writes in closing 'Finally, yes, Lisa and I are still together. And though I've learned everything there is about attraction, seduction, and courtship in the past two years, I learned nothing about maintaining a healthy relationship. Being together has required a lot more time and work than learning to pick up women ever did, but it has brought me far greater satisfaction and joy. Perhaps that's because it is not a game.' -- Which mirrors Joachim's own closing.

Perhaps a follow up article might be proposed about the hidden integrity of playing-around... in order to find a meaningful connection.

As Strauss puts it 'Maybe she was right. Perhaps she would have liked the real me. But she never would have had the opportunity to meet him if I hadn't spent the last two years learning how to put my best foot forward.'

Yours truly,
Chris Cooley


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

THE GLOVED EPIC - A poem for the winter months

I doubt I could even write one poem whilst wearing gloves.

Let alone a trilogy.
Or a pair.
Yes a pair,
Because that better suits gloves.
Or five or ten vignettes,
Each to keep a solitary digit warm.
Has to be...
One will be fine.
The Gloved Epic.
Full of sweaty psalms,
And clumsy tips,
Never wear ski-gloves whilst typing on a sensitive keyboard.
Your best bet is magic gloves and a quill pen,
I should imagine.
It is minus three outside.
It snowed on Saturday.
And I don't even own a pair of gloves.
But it doesn't matter,
I doubt I could even write one poem whilst wearing gloves.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

GRADUAL REALISATION - Free choose-your-own-adventure e-book

I wrote and illustrated this then printed about 30 copies on a fax machine back in 2005. Thought it might be worth digitising it.

Depicting lucid dreaming GRADUAL REALISATION uses the choose-your-own-adventure format to address daul themes of dream and death. - Good luck!