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Saturday, 8 December 2012


In an effort to increase the hit-count of a video I made I decided to do a post about it on this 'ere blog. Instead of writing about it myself - an exercise akin to a rotten dog licking its own tallywacker - I decided to post up some of the feedback I got in the same way that West End shows do i.e. "Excellently Superb" - The Sun, "Brilliant" - The Star, "Shit" - The Moon etc etc.

“Your narrator sounds like Will Self: an achievement in of itself.” – J.r. Oldman


“It was fascinating - quietly putting some very strong, thoughtful points across that go way beyond the boat house discussion.” – Liz Ayling / Malta Inside Out

“Editing needed some refinement, but other then that is an awesome project. Never stop creating. One of the lessons that I have learned is not to distinguish between being creative, and being a creative.” - Miguel Olivares

“You can certainly write well, good words on the video!” – Justin Manners / This is Malta

“Why you didn't discuss LIDL supermarkets of Hal Safi and Hal Luqa? They were built on ODZ (Out of Development Zone), but no one says a word because they are owned by powerful people.” - Carm Glucophage

"I’d rather spend time and energy campaigning against big companies occupying land rather than individual people who most of them are just enjoying a simple life. Interestingly a few meters from those boathouses, in Marfa there is the Rivera Hotel, which was built illegally on government land by a well-known macho construction company and nobody said anything." - Chris Mizzi  


“I thought it was really good, both visually and content wise. Although I did come away from it not knowing which side of the argument I am or should be on, but maybe that's a good thing?! It feels very open ended, guess you expect a conclusion but…”  - Isabel Eeles

 So here is the movie:


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