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Friday, 2 December 2011

A walk-in with a Turning-tramp*

Up ahead I saw him.

Weaving to avoid invisible obstacles.

Blocking my path.

He wore a green duffel coat.

Hood up.

I made to overtake him.


I turned to look at his face.

What I saw made my own face visibly change, though only slightly.

Some how he recognised my shock.

He smirked with a gremlin triumph.

The drool remained.

The spittle-string slowly dripped from his blond beard.

I walked even faster.


Traffic stopped me at the lights.

I watched him sluggishly approach.

He pushed through the crowd.

Stood right beside me.

He whispered in my ear.


Thanks mate.

*A Turning-tramp (TT), Fledgling- tramp or NYH (Not Yet Homeless) can be characterised by a more co-ordinated get-up than a real homeless person. They are generally in motion as opposed to sat. It is clear to all but themselves that they will soon reach full blown tramp status.

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